Don’t be a Ghost!

7 Nov

Don’t be a Ghost!

I know Halloween has passed, yet I’ve seen “ghosts” lately. To be more specific, I’ve created the term “ghosts” just for the ladies that apply foundation that does not, in any way shape or form, match their skin tone. It is usually lighter. Their skin appears (especially in pictures) a grayish tone and on their neck displays the true skin tone.
To prevent this unattractive scare, I have a few simple tips!
1. Go to an “over the counter” makeup store, like MAC. An MUA can help decide what your best color for foundation should be.
2. You have the foundation, now select a face primer; preferably with an SPF. It prevents oily skin and long lasting makeup wear.
3. Get a concealer that is 1 or 2 shades lighter. Concealer is used for spots and problem-sum areas.
Products are purchased now follow these steps!
1. Evenly distribute primer all over face (your face should be clean and moisturized when applied).
2. Use the concealer, not too much, dab your spots and baggy eyes then gently blend.
3. Get a foundation brush for dry foundation or stippler brush if you prefer liquid foundation.
4. Apply foundation evenly just enough to where you cannot see the concealer “dabs”.
5. THEN apply foundation past your face, down to your neck, and down to the collar bones. Prevents the “ghost” look.
Have fun with your makeup but do not be a ghost!


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