Thee Statement Eyebrows!

7 Nov

Thee Statement Eyebrows!

The “statement” eyebrows have been in-style for quite some of 2011. As an aspiring MUA, I’ve created some do’s and don’ts about this trend!
Don’ts are interesting so I’ll touch base on those first.
1. Your eyebrows should not be the first distinct appearance when someone glances at you; your whole face should.
2. Stop drawing your brows into a rectangular box!
3. Your brows are not black; refrain from using a black pencil.
The Do’s!
1. Depending on your skin tone, your brows are naturally a shade lighter (Caucasians) or darker (African Americans) so typically find a brow pencil that matches.
2. Glide the pencil on your brow in soft strokes; this is just to fill where areas are pretty scarce.
3. Grab concealer and small concealer brush to trace the bottom and top of brows to clean “mistakes”.
Have fun with this trend but do not forget to look natural!


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