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Is Natural Hair Just a Trend?

7 Nov

Is Natural Hair Just a Trend?

Thick and curly like a lion’s mane, sitting on a crown of a woman; people wonder if she’s a trend. As a writer my hair is natural and I have been through the on-going questions of why I decided to go natural.
A trend or not, it is a continuous journey with your hair of coping, learning and even health. “Naturals” can be perceived as a trend based on society’s image of women’s hair; which is long, straight hair. We have gotten accustomed to the norm, of course.
What most might not know, being natural is exciting and beneficial. I can say it has changed me, positively. I have gained confidence, I am more sociable, fashionable, innovative and responsible. I thank my hair for that! For most ladies, it might have started as a trend but it can end in being so much more than expected from the beginning.